My name is George Scott. I am one of Sweden´s best boxer ever. Among my merits are a world championship title, one Olympic silver medal and several Swedish champion medals, Nordic champion a. s. o.

For most people at least in Sweden I am known as the boxer George Scott. But as for all other people there is much more behind the person George Scott.

Today I have turned 47 years of age. I have 5 children and 2 grandchildren. I was borne in Liberia on the west coast of Africa. My mother is from Liberia and my father was an Italian guest worker who unfortunately died before I was born. My mother has 16 children. Number 16 was a girl, all other were boys. When I had turned 6 I was adopted to Sweden, the cold country far far away. My biologic mother with whom I still have good contact has many times explained that it was because she wanted to give me a chance to grow up somewhere else than Liberia which suffered from wars and in the slum where she lived. The family to which I was adopted lived in Stockholm the capital of Sweden and consisted of mother, two biological children and subsequently I also got a big sister from Ethiopia. A few years later also my biological half-brother was adopted by the family. My youth was a hard time. I got very little help at home and very little attention and did not perform well in school. At the age of 14 I demanded from the authorities to get a new family and moved north. The following years were messy, lonely and with lots of problems.

My new family moved to the Swedish city Västerås. I have always been active and good in sports. Together with some friends we decided to start boxing. We went up to a club but were immediately refused. But there was something between the trainer and me which led to that he wanted to give me a second chance. 1 year later I was Swedish champion and so it went on. The trainer is the only father figure I have had. He was my trainer, took care of me, taught me to properly read and wright and taught me everything a lost teenager needs to know.

When my carrier developed I moved to Stockholm and my success continued. 1988 it was time to participate in the Seoul Olympics. After some tough matches I stood there with my silver medal. On a trip to Liberia I gave my Olympic medal to my biological mother as a gesture for her not to feel any guilt for the adoption.

A couple of years after the the Olympic success I decided to move to the US and start a carrier as professional boxer something that was not possible in Sweden. This was 1991. By then I had in access of the Olympic medal, won 5 Swedish championships, won 1 Nordic and also had a gold medal as Swedish junior champion. There was not much further for me to compete for in Sweden. To become a professional boxer is a very big step in life. It is not just to move. If you once have changed to professional boxing there is no way back. The schedule as a professional boxer is training and more training. After some matches I stood as winner in a World champion ship  and stood there with my WBU belt and the title world champion.  This was October 7 1995. I won against Rafael Ruelas. I defended the title until 1997.

After these years as professional boxer it was time to return back to Sweden. Back in Sweden I did 2 K1 matches. Lost the first, won the later and then concluded my boxing carrier.

Today I work at a home which takes care of children with problems. A god job which suites me very well. In access to this I have my company George Scott AB together with a collegue of mine I give lectures, inspire, train, work with a clothing brand and autumn 2013 I released my biography the book “undefeated”. A book which still only exists in Swedish. I still train a lot. I help lots of youngsters who can need a helping hand to choose the right carrier path for them. Nothing is impossible!

If you need or want to get in contact with me, please do send me or my colleague an email

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Fight on and remember, nothing is impossible!